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Donations Play a huge part in improvements to the Village and benefit the people who live here in Pewamo. That being said, donation to the 
community in any way are greatly appreciated, and this page has been created in the hopes of recognizing donations to the community.


Thank you to the Meijer Foundation for their recent donation to

the Village of Pewamo!

Funds received were used to replace fencing in the Village Park.

The Village of Pewamo ball fields recently received four new dugouts thanks to the generosity of Stan & Bobbie Simon.   Corey Smith and his team of coaches and volunteers were responsible for the construction, and our thanks also go out to Wieber Lumber Company of Fowler who generously provided the building materials at cost.

The dugouts are a wonderful addition to our park, adding a new element of safety and comfort for our players.  The Village of Pewamo would like to extend their thanks to all of those who made this possible.

The First Picture shows Andy Hengesbach and Tony Schafer at work on the dugouts, The second shows (in order) Tom Thelen, Corey Smith, and Troy Simon. The third is Stan and Bobbie Simon Recieving a plaque of appreciation for their part in the dugouts.

A big thanks to everyone involved in the addition of the dugouts!
Randy Zenk receives a donation in the amount of $2500 from Andy Platte of Wilbur-Ellis.  Wilbur-Ellis is making this donation to be used in the Village of Pewamo parks towards the replacement of fencing on the ball fields.
The Pewamo Girl Scout Troop donated a flowering pear tree to the Pewamo Trailhead Welcome Center.  They also planted the tree as a troop project this past fall.  Thank you to the Girl Scouts and their leaders!

Owen Schafer provides Pewamo’s ball field with two new dugouts!

Owen was a Cub Scout and then a Boy Scout.  Early on, he realized he wanted to be an Eagle Scout and follow his father’s legacy.   In order to accomplish this, Owen ran a pancake breakfast with the help of family and friends.  The money raised went to Austin's House in Westphalia and towards two new dugouts at the Blossom Time Park Ball Field in Pewamo. Sports have always been a large part of Owen’s active life and he played on the ball diamonds in Pewamo. This is why he chose to construct two dugouts.  Austin's house was founded by Coach Luke Pohl who Owen played basketball for.  Owen is also putting up a flag pole on the Practice/Jr. High Football field at the Pewamo-Westphalia High School. 

Owen has always believed that sports say so much about a person, not only if you won but also how you played the game says who you are! It was important to give back to communities that have impacted him.
Thank you Owen for your hard work and generosity!

Adding Trees to our Parks! 
During the spring and summer sporting seasons, many of those who come to enjoy the games find themselves wishing for the comfort of shade. Thanks to a tree planting grant from Consumer’s Energy and to generous donations received from the Pewamo Soccer Program and Pewamo Knights of Columbus the Village was able to add five new trees to the ball park this past fall. 
Our special thanks go to Carl Hafner for doing the work necessary to secure this grant from Consumer’s Energy
and to the Pewamo Soccer Program and the Pewamo Knights of Columbus for their donations!
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