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The Village of Pewamo is home to two churches located 
right here in town, St. Joseph's Church, and The Grace
Believers Church, Bible Believers Baptist.



Click the link to our website below
St. Joseph's Website



The “Grace” Church in Pewamo
Bible Believers Baptist

We began holding services December 7, 1993 at a local home in 
Ionia, Michigan. Since then we have held church in a few different 
locations until we found our permanent home here in Pewamo 
at 203 W. Main Street. We purchased the former Methodist 
Church on September 13, 2007. When the refurbishing was 
completed, we had our open house on December 15, 2007. Our 
church has supported as many as 24 missionaries beginning 
with Japan and then spreading worldwide. Also we minister at 
Heartland’s Nursing Home in Ionia four times yearly since 1999.
We firmly believe that the authorized version (King James Bible) 
is the perfect, preserved work of God in the English language 
and that salvation is by “grace through faith” alone (Eph2: 8, 9; 
Acts 16: 30, 31; Rom 4:5) apart from any human effort, or human 
work of any kind. The “gospel” for today concerns the death, 
burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ (I Cor 15: 1-4) 
given by revelation to the apostle Paul (Rom 16:25) 
We hold services every Sunday morning beginning at 10:45 
a.m.The contact number is (989) 855-2350.
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